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If you are looking at offering therapies in a professional way then you will need to attend some kind of practical training that will allow you to obtain insurance to practice.

You need to ask yourself what kind of route you wish to take into therapy and that will be largely reliant on how you see you therapy career panning out.  

For example, if you wish to work from home you may well choose a very different path than if you were looking to work internationally on board a cruise ship.

The Holly Stott Make Up & Beauty Academy is Fully Accredited with the International Beauty Association who pride themselves on providing validation, endorsement and eligibility to carry out treatments with them as an insurer.


All courses are fully accredited with IBA for membership and they are partnered with BGI(UK) insurance and InSync Insurance.

GTi courses are offered in the most popular beauty therapy, holistic therapy, hairdressing and nail treatments. Online courses in salon business management are also available.

Here at the academy we have a variety of courses which can suit you, which are flexible and we pride ourselves on working around the school hours.

We now also offer a Finance options to help you spread the cost of your courses.


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