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The Lash Master Course will run one day a week from 9:15am - 3:15pm for FIVE weeks and will include everything you need to know and more about being a Master of Lashes. 


Only two places on the course  but smaller groups means better learning.


What the course covers?

🎓 Client Care

🎓 How to do a consultation including Patch testing

🎓 Health and Safety

🎓 Product Information and Usage Guide

🎓 Contra Indications and Contra Actions

🎓 Physiology and Anatomy

🎓 A Guide to Different Eyelash Extensions including Materials, Lengths, Thicknesses and Curls

🎓 Eye Mapping and Styling

🎓 The Difference between Classics, Hybrids and Russian Volume

🎓 Procedural Steps for Lash Lift & Tint

🎓 A Guide to Classic Eyelash Extensions

🎓 A Guide to Russian Volume

🎓 A Guide to Hybrids

🎓 A Guide to Mega Volume and other techniques

🎓 Kit and Equipment Guide

🎓 Maintenance (Infill) Process

🎓 Removal Process

🎓 Insurance Referral

🎓 Aftercare advice


Cost: £900 which includes a FULL KIT 👝👝👝...Nothing is left unturned on this course 💥💥💥 Pay half now to secure your place then half one week before ***please note that all booking fees are non refundable***


Assessment: You will be expected to do theory in the Beauty School and a Home; you will also be assessed on Practical Assessments and expected to do at least three case studies per week at home.


Pre-Requisites: None


Awarding Body: The International Beauty Association and Fully Insurable with IBA Insurance Partners


Location: Middleton, Manchester, UK


  • Due to the COVID19 Pandemic; we are uncertain as to how the currennt working situation in the Beauty Industry will roll out over the coming months; therefore, all fees are non refundable and if there was a cancellation from either you or the Beauty School then the course will be moved to a new available date.

    If you do not feel well; please do not enter the Beauty School and you will be asked to fill in a COVID19 Form which will be sent online before you attend your course.

    We ask that you bring your own models and someone who is in your social bubble who will also need to complete the form.

    Kind Regards


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