Using the best products from our partners Exuviance and Aesthetics Source, this one day course provides you with the essential knowledge and hands-on practice you need to be able to immediately introduce Chemical Peels to your clinic. 

This Chemical Peels course has been created for medical professionals and beauty therapists who would like to offer solutions that can help to build trust with your patients. 
Course Description
Skin science
This course will teach you all about the anatomy of the relevant facial skin layers and the mode of action of chemical peel treatments you will be performing, inspiring trust in your patients and colleagues.
Essential knowledge
In contrast to product focused training, this treatment focused training day will provide you with a solid foundation of the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to evaluate new products and active ingredients to ensure you can treat a variety of skin conditions.
Intense small group teaching

There is a maximum of 4 delegates per course which means you are guaranteed a small group teaching session with your trainers undivided attention throughout the day. This ensures that you will leave confident in your ability to performance a range of superficial Chemical Peel formulations.
What Will I Learn
Perform superficial chemical peels
This course will provide you with the basic knowledge and tools for the appropriate selection and effective application of superficial Alpha Hydroxy Acid chemical peel formulations.
Tailor your treatment
We will teach how to perform an accurate skin assessment and use your patient’s concern, skin type and condition to decide which skin peel will be most effective.
Be safe
We will cover potential complications and side-effects including pre and post-treatment care comprehensively. This will allow you to practice to a high standard.
Business considerations
We will help you to integrate Chemical Peels into your aesthetic business and advice on pricing, offers and how to effectively communicate with your potential patients. With the certificate you will receive after this course you’ll be able to get insurance from IBA Group (fully acredited).

Facial Peel Course

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