Learn the art of the amazingly popular Lash Lift and Tint using my very own technique to make your clients lashes really pop. 

This course is designed to teach you the skills to be able to competently offer both effective lash lifts and eyelash tints to your clients, working from home and/or mobile. These treatments, working to dramatically enhance the eye and reduce the need for daily make-up application, therefore proving to be extremely popular treatments to offer from home and/or mobile, especially when offered together.

What the Course Covers?

Client preparation
Consultation skills
Eye and eyelash anatomy
Health and safety procedures
Product information and usage guidance
Contra-actions and contraindications
Procedural steps for lash Lift* and Eyelash Tinting*, including best practice techniques, hints and tips
Aftercare advice

The theory test: Training materials are downloaded and theory module assessments completed online at the GTi website. You must pass all assessments before being able to participate with the course practical.

There is no practical test. Instead I assess your understanding and ability of each treatment technique as it is taught.

Our GTi Courses are arranged as bespoke training and therefore you will practice on your peers on the day of your course or you can bring a model along.

Course Duration

Half Day 9:30am – 12:00pm
Half Day 12:30pm – 15:00pm

We ask students to arrive 15 minutes prior to the time set to ensure a prompt start. You will learn the
theory of the treatment firstly by registering online with The BeautyGuilds with the link sent to you by
me once you have signed up and paid your Booking Fee; you will then complete the Theory and
questions online with the Guilds; this MUST BE done before you come to the academy for your practical;
you will then spend the morning or afternoon with me showing you a full demonstration and you must
bring a long a model to then practice the skills yourself so I can observe.

Course Benefits

Lash lifting treatments are aimed at those wanting long-lasting, natural-looking eyelash enhancement without the need for mascara or lash extensions; something that is desired by many and currently in high-demand. The process uses innovative, effective techniques to gently uplift and straighten the lashes, creating a more prominent, enhanced lash-line to define the eye shape of your client. Eyelash tinting, especially popular for those with fairer coloring, is an efficient treatment in creating the much-desired darker eyelashes; and can be retained on the lashes without staining or streaking. The results last approximately 6-8 weeks and once your client has tried these treatments, they will return regularly to maintain the enhanced appearance of their natural eyelashes. These profitable services can be offered together and will provide you a steady source of income from returning clients.


BeautyGuilds GTi Award in Lash Lift and Tint (Certificate)

Course Requirements



£125 NO KIT or
£225 which includes kit and VAT +an additional Registration fee of £25 will need to be paid when registering with The Beauty Guilds in order to complete the Theory part – this allows you to be a member for three months so should you wish to book anymore courses with me in that three months you will not have to pay the fee again.


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