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The Russian lip online masterclass: all you need to know about the Russian Lip Technique.

The Russian lip online masterclass: all you need to know about the Russian Lip Technique.


What are Russian Lips?

·      Russian lips have been an up-and-coming trend since celebs like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid were at the tap of our fingers, on every social media platform and every magazine cover making us all sigh and say, ‘I wish I had lips like that’. If you have felt this way, some people just aren’t born with perfectly symmetrical, plump, and pouty lips and that’s totally okay! Everybody’s natural lip shape, size and colour is beautiful. If you do fin yourself longing for a plumper, more heart shaped Kylie Jenner lip, Russian lips are the treatment for you.

·      Russian lips are a specific technique that give near volume towards the centre of the lips, giving more of a subtle heart shaped appearance to the natural lip shape. The technique also focuses on height as opposed to volume, although this is a versatile technique meaning plumpness can also be achieved if this is the desired outcome.


How is this technique different to traditional Lip Filler?

·      As opposed to traditional techniques, the Russian technique focuses on the injector injecting the product vertically and not starting from the lip boarder. The Russian technique involves starting injecting from the base and drawing the product outwards, towards the boarder of the lips. (working the product to fill the lips from the inside out).


Benefits of Russian Lips:

·      The Russian Lip technique has taken the beauty industry by storm, continuing to be one of the top cosmetic trends of 2024. Although natural beauty is circulating around all platforms again, Russian Lips can fit into the category when done subtly and to enhance and suit the features of the natural face.

·      Russian Lip fillers are designed to focus on height of the natural lip, avoiding the projection that other filler techniques sometimes focus on. This includes an uplifted cupid’s bow and a flat side profile, making more of a natural enhancement.


Benefits of Offering Russian lips as a treatment:

·      The Russian Lip technique focuses on the centre of the lips, as mentioned earlier, giving that of a likeness to a Russian doll (hence the name).

·      It avoids overly projected lips avoiding that ‘duck like’ pout and is ideal for those with unfilled or ‘virgin’ lips as previous filler will not get in the way of lifting the lips (as the technique focuses on height). They are the ideal treatment for any newbies considering lip fillers.

·      If these is previous filler in the lips many practitioners recommend dissolving previous filler and starting ‘from scratch’ to get the best possible results from the treatment.

·      Smaller syringes are used throughout the treatment, meaning placement of the filler is controlled better, stopping the filler from spilling over to unintended areas, giving the practitioner more versatile options when it comes to shaping the lips to the client’s face shape and features.

·      Offering this treatment to clients can also offer more profit to practitioners and business owners by bumping up the price point, based on the popularity of the treatment making as much as an extra £50- £100 per session depending on your client base.


Why Linear Thread isn’t enough anymore.


·      Another popular technique when it comes to lip augmentation is the use of the linear thread technique. Some practitioners choose to use a needle while others opt for a cannula. The method is relatively easy with the filler sitting in the lip parallel to the vermillion border.

·      However, there are few downsides to the technique despite it being easy, sometimes leading to undesired results. There is for example, a risk of filler boluses prone to gel displacements along the boarders of the lips. This technique could then promote an unnatural ‘duck-like’ which could discard the sharp edge of the lips, which usually contribute to a more youthful appearance.




  What is included in our online course?


·         Welcome and introduction to the course.

·         The advanced dermal filler manual.

·         The Russian Lip manual.

·         A toolbox of techniques.

·         Russian lip video 1.

·         Russian lip video 2.

·         Russian lip video 3.

·         Russian lip video 4.

·         The nasal folds and marionettes E Book.

·         Nasal folds video.

·         Beauty Business mindset E Book.

·         In depth skin study with product ingredient E Book.

·         Skin Cancer E Book.

·         Social Media Content Calendar.

·         Thank you and enjoy further bonus discounts on the website.

To Conclude:

Join our accredited online course and earn six CPD points. Typically an in-house training with Holly could set you back up to one thousand pounds, inclusive of all additional expenses. However, our online course is priced at £297. As an introductory price for the first ten days after our launch day, we are offering the course for just £97 in exchange for a review after the completion of the course. Ready to enrol? Click the link below to get started!


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