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Where have I been?


Well I've been such a busy bee as usual; we've had the website revamped so it looks all gorgeous for you all.

I've been really busy at the salon and it was the Parklife Festival so I was extremely busy that day,

I wanted to take a little step back from charging people for courses and concentrate on my Courses that I'm doing so that I can share thee best advice with you all so instead, the lives will be coming back and I'm also building my You Tube channel and blog.

The blog will be centred around my Beauty journey, offering tips and advice and yes I am going to be reviewing products. If you sell a certain beauty product and want me to sample and review it then please feel free to e-mail me at and I'd be happy to assist; it will go on the lives, on the you tube channel and on this blog. I am going to be creating a few different look with the products that I am reviewing so watch out for those.

I've decided to take my Make Up career next level and I'm going to start building my portfolio for studio and media work; I also want to actually teach it as a Diploma in the future so I will have to do my teaching degree as well.

I've got my first studio work today so I'll let you know how I get on and blog all about it when I'm home later.

I recently started at The Beauty Bar and I'm loving it, its hard building clients and it takes time but I'm feeling blessed about all the lovely ladies and gents that I'm meeting on my journey who are enjoying the treatments I offer.

I'm really excited for the future as I should have finished my NVQ Level 3 Diploma as Nail Technician by September so I will be fully qualified for that and it's not long now before I will be offering Microblading and Waxing as my next treatments.

Lots to come then...

For now my Slayers

Holly <3

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