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Why it’s important to have a skin care routine at home

Our Principle & Award Winning Beautician and official Trainer for 4tMedical; Holly Stott shares her tips with you for at home

Step 1:

Gently clean your face using a cream-based cleanser or a mild face wash to remove the surface layer of grime - we recommend Tropic Cleanser for those with Dry Skin as it is oil based and literally melts Make Up away. For Oily/Combination Skin we recommend Clinicare Foam Cleanser - Holly uses this for all her facials for a thorough deep clean.

Step 2:

Using a gentle face exfoliator, apply in sections and move fingers in a circular upward and outward motion to slough off dead skin, paying particular attention to areas where you feel a build up of dry skin like the nose or chin. Remove using damp cotton pads or, for a more luxurious feel, a warm flannel or warm Tropic Bamboo Cloth.

Tropic offers a beautiful exfoliator which is really hydrating as well.

Step 3:

Apply a toner if you have one - Skinbase & Tropic Toners are really hydrating and I like the Obaji Salicylic Toner for Oily/Combination Skin (you will need to find a local distibutor for this).

Step 4:

Mask: Apply a mask suitable for your skin type with either your fingers or a brush and leave on for 10-15 mins. We will be sharing a recipe you can make at home so keep an eye out for this!

Clinicare has three different types of sheet masks:

  • Pure is for blackheads and comedones, inflammatry and non inflammatry acne, rough texture, fine lones and wrinkles, enlarged pores, oily skin and ageing skin.

  • Glow is for photodamaged skin, hyperpigmentation, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull and sallow skin colour as well as ageing skin.

  • Refresh is specifically for ageing skin, photo damaged skin, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles as well as enlarged pores, dull and sallow skin colour.

Tropic also has a range of Masks and what I love about them is you can combine them, there is one specifically for Oily Skin, one for Hydration and and one for Anti Ageing.

Step 5:

Remove mask with damp cotton pads or a warm flannel or Tropic Bamboo Cloth.

Step 6:

Apply toner again if you have one.

Step 7:

Moisturise & SPF pop some moisturiser on your fingers and warm between hands apply using upward and outward strokes and don’t forget your neck! Finish with spf applied in the same way.

We love Tropic Skin Feast for daytime moisture for those with dry skin and Skin Dream for Night Cream; we also love Clinicare SPF Derma Corrector.

You can purchase all of our recommendations from Holly - pop us a message and see what offers Holly can get for you with Clinicare/4tMedical.

All Tropic you can purchase direct at:

Love ya's


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