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Massive Hair Tip

Hey girls,

It’s been ages since I wrote a blog and I thought it would be good to use this blog as recommendations and tips for certain products.

Over the years I have really suffered with a dry, inflamed and itchy scalp about four moths ago I got really fed up so went on line and had a look; apparently it’s the sulphate in the shampoo and conditioners I was using so I asked our Jack (fab hairdresser by the way) and he recommended the Joico in the salon and said I need to rehydrate my scalp.

This shampoo has been a God Send - my hair feels amazing, my scalp feels amazing and I honestly have had no itching or flaking since using it! 

Can’t recommend it enough!!! 

You can get it from the wholesalers or the local salon but seriously , if you’ve suffered like me - go and try it! 

Watch out for more Beauty Products and tips I recommend 💁🏻‍♀️


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