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2022 Beauty Trends: what's in and what's out?

Hellooooooo!!! It's 2022 and on today's Manchester Beauty Blog we are looking at what Beauty Treatments are bang on trend and what's not!!!

Firstly, we are going to kick off with Brows and Lamination is here to stay!!! Yes we love a lammy brow here at Holly Stott HQ but not too wolfy; 2022 brings the more subtle 'to the side' lamination where the goal we are achieving is for the Brow hairs to stay in place but look pretty rather than wolfy!!!

What is also huge in Brows this is year is matching your eyebrows to your bold eye make up or lips...yes Bold coloured brows have been huge on the gram and on the catwalks so if you're into your Make Up definitely try this trend!

Image by @kelhidhmua on Instagram who is an amazing MUA and one to follow for inspiration.

Let's talk LASHES...Okay you know I love my Russians but I did notice at the back end of 2021 that ladies are going back to Classics and oh my I have loved creating them for you all. Personally I am a Russian girl as I have them short so they make my blue eyes pop but a Classic Eyelash Extension can be just as pretty but also natural. I have also seen a massive increase in Lash Lift & Tint...I find this treatment is especially popular with the over 30's who like to enhance their natural lashes so yes the trend for 2022 is that less is more with lashes!

Lashes by me at the Beauty School on the very beautiful Chloe - go to the 'Book Now' page to come and have your lashes done with me!

Skincare - Anyone who has ever visited me at the Beauty School know that I am mad about Skin care - I just love looking after your skin girls and boys! What people forget is that your skin is the canvas for your Make Up and in 2022 that glass skin look is huge; it's everywhere, we want to see your skin through your make up...this year step away from the full coverage foundation and really focus on a good skincare routine. Team amazing skin with SPF, and water based foundations such as MAC Face & Body to create an amazing Glass Skin look.

2022 is all about the glow from within - this year we are focusing on treatments that work towards improving the texture and appearance of the skin for better make up application which allows less time getting ready each day and leaving a flawless finish throughout the day...or night!

Yes SKINstinctUK is back and I am working on the most beautiful recipes and levelling up with the range. CBD will be a massive part of it as it is making such an amazing impact on skin; the range will feature a lot of targeted ingredients as well such as AHA's and BHA's as well as Retinol and my number one favourite skin care ingredient...Hylauronic Acid...this amazing compound which is already found in your body including your skin, ligaments and tears takes a thousand times its own weight in water and when combined with drinking copious amounts of water, it will plump your epithelial and connective tissue back up!!!

A skin care routine doesn't have to be expensive or hardwork; it is acheivable with good products and sticking to the routine. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, protecting all of the other organs and bones in your body so look after it.

Last tip on Skincare - if you hear 'BIOTECH' head to it for your skin; it's clean technology for skincare!!! You will hear a lot of "CLEANICAL" this year which is an adaption of Clean and Clinical and that's what we want in 2022. CLEANICAL SKIN!

Okay let's talk Aesthetics...Dermal Fillers get such a bad name and it's because I feel that they are used irresponsibly throughout the industry but when done right, they can make such beautiful subtle changes to the face; lifting and enhancing your natural features; and a fantastic anti ageing treatment; it's all about the "tweakments" in 2022 and again less is more; although it is personal preference I think the 'snatched jaw' is out and soft jaws are in. I personally love the lift of Cheek Filler in over 30's; as we age, our natural fat pads in the face start to disintegrate and with gravity, start to drop; Cheek Filler is perfect for lifting the face back up and can have brilliant results when teamed with Dermal Filler in the Nasal Folds, Oral Commissure's and Marionettes. The perfect face rejuvenation.

Lips Lips Lips...Russian Volume are still very on trend but for me personally, a pretty flipped doll lip has the most beautiful results. Also, another massive trend on the lips in 2022 is Lip Blush, this trend came back with a bang in 2021 and is here to stay.

SKIN BOOSTERS ARE HUGE IN 2022 and my personal favourites are Profhilo, Jalupro and ToskaniH3. I have had the most amazing results with these boosters...although expensive and a couple of sessions are needed, the skin after skin boosters is unreal. A skin booster is injected superficially and spreads throughout the dermis rather than sits like a filler; the skin appears more subtle, smooth, glowing, plump, you name it...these have it; they can be used all over the face, neck, hands, underarms, elbows, feet and knees. If you're looking for the perfect anti ageing injectable treatment but you're weary of fillers, then skin boosters are for you. You can book a consultation on all aesthetics treatments through the "Book Now" tab on the website.

LASER TREATMENTS - If you follow the Kardashians then you will have seen them having Laser Facials and other Laser treatments...they arrived a few years back and are here to stay with even more benefits being added such as Hair Removal, Tiny Tattoo Removal, Carbon Facials, Hyperpigmentation Removal, Acne can train in any of these treatments and more with the new SkinstinctUK range and the course is FREE, Fully Insurable and Fully Accredited with the International Beauty Association.

2020/2021 saw the benefits of Builder Gel and it is here to stay in 2022 with the most prettiest and natural designs; plus it has many health benefits for your nails and can help with growth. Acrylic is still popular but for overlay rather than huge nails with mad designs. I just adore watching the Builder Gel videos on instagram and then finished off with a hand scrub and oil. It looks so classy on the hands.

MAKE UP Trends for 2022 include getting rid of cool undertone contours and moving towards a blush contour with a bit of colour to make your skin pop. Double liners are back in teamed with the Glass or Silk skin we spoke about above.

I hope you've enjoyed my first blog of 2022 and what trends are in and out. You can book all the treatments mentioned with me at Holly Stott Beauty or if you are interested in training, there is 30% off all courses until the end of January so use the code "NEWYEAR30" to take advantage and on the "Book Your Course" page; once the course has been paid for; I will drop you an email to arrange the dates of your course.

I hope you all have a prosperous 2022 and if you have any questions; pop them in the comment box for me to help you.

Holly x


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