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😷😷😷 MASKNE 😷😷😷

As you know it is becoming mandatory to wear masks in Public Places as well as Salons and keyworkers and NHS Staff have been wearing them since the beginning of the lockdown.

Regardless of the type of mask, there are legitimate concerns around the skincare you should be using underneath them. Maskne – acne or breakouts caused by wearing them – is a real thing.

Studies have shown that wearing a face mask, particularly for prolonged periods, means you are breathing into a closed tight space which creates humidity and can accelerate the processes that cause acne.

Wearing masks can also cause any oil, makeup and bacteria or dirt on your skin to become occluded. In turn that can trigger outbreakes, bumps, blemishes, dermatitis, inflamed hair follicles, irritation, broken blood vessels and redness or rosacea. Reusable masks are particularly bad for the skin if they’re not washed properly as they can collect dust, bacteria and other pollutants which will become trapped between the mask and your skin when it’s next used.

But the good news is there’s things you can do to prevent irritation, techniques to incorporate and ingredients that should be avoided. Here’s what we advise.

😷 Cleanse skin properly twice a day using the @SkinstinctUK Acne Fighting Cleanser

😷 But don’t over-cleanse - Although it seems like a good idea to cleanse both before and after wearing a mask, Dr Mahto says it’s best to be cautious about it. “Over-cleansing of the skin can lead to dryness, irritation, and redness in those with dry, sensitive or mature skin types. Ideally aim to cleanse twice daily, morning and evening. If you have been sweating excessively then there may be benefit in using a gentle cleanser immediately afterwards which won’t strip the skin such as using our Cleansing Balm as this is also moisturising as well.

😷 Keep Skin Hydrated - Keeping the skin moisturised is key for comfort, to encourage wound healing and skin repair so again our Cleansing Balms are ideal for this. make sure you’re drinking lots of water throughout the day as this is the best way to flush toxins out of your body.

😷 Be careful not to over-exfoliate - the SkinstinctUK Vanilla Latte Scrub is a gentle scrub that can be left on as a Mask for maximum hydration and gentle exfoliating- we recommend once a week

😷 Pick your mask wisely – and change or wash it after every use

Changing your mask daily can help to avoid a buildup of bacteria on the skin. If you are using a reusable mask ensure it is washed every day, on at least 60-degree heat. Leaving your mask out in the sun for an hour before reapplying is beneficial, and try to purchase a silk mask as it will be much less of an irritant to skin.

The fit of the mask is often more important. I suggest buying a silk mask as it will be much less of an irritant to skin.

love ya‘s


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Jaine Roydes
Jaine Roydes
Aug 05, 2020

Think I'm following as I'm noway techno hope I'm in 👍

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