What is with us and our feet?

It makes me laugh when I do pedicures 👣👣👣 EVERYONE says "my feet are angin/horrible" 🤣 I'll tell you something...everyone's feet are horrid (according to them) we all hate our own feet 🙃 I bet no one is surprised at all! You're either working on your feet or their squashed in your shoes while sat at your desk 👣 Stop feeling silly and come and get your feet looking and feeling lush with me; I honestly don't care what they look like 🤗 If they have something not right with them then go docs first to get them checked out 👨🏻‍⚕️ it's not the end of the world; if it's bacterial, they'll give you some antibiotics; if it's fungal they'll give you some cream 🙌🏼 What if I offered some aftercare treatment at home as well which would let you look after them at home in between treatments; would that help? 🌴🍍🌴🍍 

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