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Fenty Beauty

So I got my paws on the gorgeous Fenti Beauty range by Rihanna and I purchased the foundation and contour stick.

My shades were 140 for foundation and walnut for the contour stick and I have to say I think they got it spot on in store.

I am also a massive fan of Deck of Scarlet; I love that this is a present to me and from me once every two a single Mum of two I think it's important to treat yourself like this whether it's a bag, shoes, make up, a beauty treatment; take that time for your self.

Anyways...back to the foundation so I watched Nikki tutorials on how to apply this little beaute and I was a bit mortified as it dried really quick on her and looked really I know what my skin is like and it's dry as shit so I prepped it mint before applying which yes...takes a lot of effort for a day look but was well worth it...I applied my trusty Aldi Cavier moisturiser £6 and a bargain; Prep & Prime Spritz to hydrate my skin by MAC and Mac Strobe...MAC Strobe is seriously life! I can't do any client without it! I love it! 

So I have really dry skin on my's annoying and without this prep I don't think this foundation would have worked for me. It would have caked all round my nose. But because I worked it 💁🏻 it turned out fab! It's really matte and really quick drying but I'll tell you what I was impressed with, was the coverage...I didn't apply a concealer under my dark arse eyes for the first time in years (I don't sleep great because of the kids) and I loved it; you've got to blend rapid and yes I blended with a brush. It reminded me a bit of Estée Lauder Double Wear...but nicer 😃

The contour stick is AMAZING and although seems sturdy at first...blends perfectly...I like to set mine with a little Hoola from Benefit Cosmetics but overall I was happy and I had lots of compliments all day! 

Now we are onto Deck of Scarlet and they definitely pulled it out of the bag this month...the highlighter made me wince with excitement and the double ended lipstick was Autumn in a stick! 

The shadows were mega pigmented and I only put one in my crease for a quick Day look.  I'll do a posh look for you all next week with it 😂 I've got exams this week! 

Anyway upon conclusion, the fendi beauty foundation is fab but not just to slap on dry skin; it will be amazing on oily skin and the range of tones is incredible.

Contour stick go for but get colour matched.

And Deck of Scarlet is a little box of joy every month.

Until next time 


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