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Although this is an E-book; this is also an Accredited Course with the International Beauty Association.


It's finally here!!!


My In Depth Skin Study and Product Ingredient Knowledge E Book!!! When I did my training, this was always missed and I always wanted to learn more.  


Whether you are just starting out and want to learn more about your own skin and what products to purchase that will suit you or whether you are already a Facial Esthetician and want to update your core knowledge; this E book is for you.


What I love about it as well is that you can keep it forever and you can use the information to add content to your social media to teach your client's about their skin and help them on their skin journiey with you.




  • Introduction
  • The Physiology of the Epidermis
  • The Natural Barrier Function & Homeostasis of the Skin
  • The Extra Cellular Matrix of the Dermis
  • Appendages & Secretions of the Skin
  • Defence Mechanisms of the Skin
  • The Ageing Process
  • Skin Conditions & Types
  • The Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Product Ingredient Lists & Benefits
  • Activities


This doesn't look a lot but the E book is 40 pages and IN DEPTH!!!


Awarding Body: International Beauty Association - learn more at


Continued Professional Development: 12 Hours - 12 points


This course is ONLINE! Once you have purchased the course, the E book will be sent direct to your email address for you to keep forever.


If you want to complete the tasks; please email them to me at and I will issue your Certificate.



In Depth Skin Study & Product Ingredient

  • Unfortunately there is a NO Returns Policy on this document.

  • This is e book is jam packed with knowledge about the skin; however, please always remember that you are not a Doctor and if you feel you cannot help a client; please refer them to a Doctor and do NOT diagnose the client.

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