Fully Accredited by the Guild of Beauty Therapists, the UK’s leading professional beauty trade body. This course features a range of looks by me covering all aspects of Make Up to get your started on your Make Up journey. This course covers the application of make-up to the face, eyes and lips as well as how to perform a facial cleanse and apply strip lashes. The course also shows you how to adapt your treatment to suit varying clients’ needs.  Resources with clear diagrams, images, video clips and voice over are included to give you the best possible learning experience. Reception, consultation and aftercare guidance is covered as well as contra-indications to treatment. The course includes online theory as well as a practical training session at the academy with me, designed to give you the confidence and ability to offer a full make-up treatment. What the Course Covers? 	Introduction, Reception & Consultation Functions of the Skin 	Skin Types 	Muscles & Bones of the Face & Skull 	Contra-indications Requiring Adaptation Contra-indications & Contra-actions 	Preparation 	Technique – Facial Cleanse 	Technique – Face 	Technique – Eyes 	Technique – Lips 	Application of Strip Lashes 	Treatment Adaptations 	Aftercare  Additional assessments which are required for the practical session:  	Technique – Facial Cleanse 	Technique – Face 	Technique – Eyes 	Technique – Lips 	Application of Strip LashesYou will learn a range of different looks which will include...🎓 Full Glam 🎓 Smokey Eye🎓 Half Cut Crease🎓 Full Cut Crease🎓 Base Application🎓 Foundation Application 🎓 Lip Application 🎓 Contouring 🎓 Highlighting 🎓 Bronzers 🎓 Blushers🎓 Illuminators🎓 Brow Techniques The theory test: Training materials are downloaded and theory module assessments completed online at the GTi website. You must pass all assessments before being able to participate with the course practical. There is no practical test. Instead I assess your understanding and ability of each treatment technique as it is taught. Our GTi Courses are arranged as bespoke training which means that you will practice on models on the days of your course. Course Duration: Courses start from 9:30am – 15:00pm with a half hour gap for lunch which you will need to bring along with you on the day.  We ask students to arrive 15 minutes prior to the time set to ensure a prompt start. You will learn thetheory of the treatment firstly by registering online with The Beauty Guilds with the link sent to you byme once you have signed up and paid your Booking Fee; you will then complete the Theory andquestions online with the Guilds; this MUST BE done before you come to the academy for your practical. Refreshments will be provided on the days of your course however; please bring your lunch with you for the days of your course. Course Benefits Make-up application is one beauty treatment which most women, and some men, do for themselves every day. However, when a special occasion arises, or if they simply want to pamper themselves, they can visit their beauty therapist for a professional application.  Make-up can be used to enhance, accentuate or conceal numerous facial features and because of this, a professional make-up application is popular with a wide range of clients. The application of make-up improves the client’s image as well as their confidence and can also help to promote your business as the client acts as a walking advert and can publicise your salon through word of mouth. You can never stop learning and growing with Make Up and you and your business will grow from strength to strength. Award BeautyGuilds GTI Award in Make Up (Certificate) Course Requirements None PRICE 1 Day - £2002 Days - £3503 Days - £4754 Days - £600An additional Registration fee of £25 will need to be paid when registering with The Beauty Guilds in order to complete the Theory part – this allows you to be a member for three months so should you wish to book anymore courses with me in that three months you will not have to pay the fee again. You also have an option to buy a Kit for £500 which will be a mix of High End, High Street and from local businesses which will teach you how to be cost effective with your kit.


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